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Battles of the Sea
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Battleships, Battles of the Sea

This installation was a collaboration with sculpturer Corrina Sephora. Corrina is a sculpturer who created two fleets of Battleships approaching each other. The ships hang from the ceilling like marrionetts. Onto the ships and the wall behind, my video is projected and provides a narration of sea battles, the attempts to flee from them, and the looming danger of the submarines carrying nuclear warheads that seems almost forgotten right now.

The installation was first shown as part of Sculpture Eyedrum 2007 at Eyedrum, Atlanta and 2008 at Madison Morgan Cultural Center in Madison, GA.

Artist Statement


Artist Statement

Battleships, Battle of the Sea

Corrina Sephora, Hartmut Koenitz

The battle at sea, two fleets marching forward towards a meeting point in the waters, with an inevitable demise awaiting.

The battle takes place at sea, the ships as puppets on a string, simple pawns in the game fighting a war that is not really any one person’s war.

Throughout history, battles have taken place at sea.
The first battles on this land took place as the ships landed, prepared to conquer its native inhabitants and take over the land. The native peoples prophesied that the earth and sea would revolt against the taking from the land with no prayer or thanks.

Now, as humans try to maneuver in its tumult, they hide underneath the waves in submerged vessels, ready to destroy with deadly nuclear force any point in the world. The sea that once gave life to this planet, now can give death to it. In the light of this danger, the human struggle may seem futile, the struggle of a tiny rowboat against towering waves.