ASAPS is coming from research in the Advanced Stories Group (ASG) at Georgia Tech, which was founded by PhD student Hartmut Koenitz in 2005. Dr. Janet Murray is the academic adviser to the ASG. It was aimed at extending the practice and understanding of interactive storytelling by creating a formal structure for describing and authoring interactive stories, and exemplary stories that illustrate the expressive possibilities of the form.

ASAPS was further developed as part of the PhD thesis research of Dr. Koenitz and is an ongoing research project.

The foundational theoretical perspective for ASPAS is to see interactive stories as a new format of expression, which shares some of the characteristics of existing story formats and some of the characteristics of computer games, but has its own affordances and its own potential for capturing human experience.



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Katie Fletcher

Micah Horvat

Nate Olson

Geoffrey Thomas

Sergio Goldenberg

Aimee Rydarowski

Jason Alderman


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